A new advertisement agency that was founded with a concept of full service

What is ‘new’ is its foundation date as its experience age is approaching nearly to 30 years.
Because Tactic was established on a combination of experiences based on 15 years of advertisement and 15 years of marketing & sales areas.

Communication approach of Tactic:

“It is incorrect if it doesn’t trigger to activate”

Communication tactics of Tactic:

Place your target audience at the centre of communications and utilize all communication channels in order to mobilize your target audience!

Activate the emotions as well as the senses of the consumer.

Build up a perception about the brand/product, carry out the trial and possession desires through this perception. Briefly, recognize the human being, be credible, tell the truth as always…

The motive to activate the customer has to be based on belief and trust on the brand.

The client approach of Tactic is focused on the happiness of the client.


Tactic is pro-active; it knows the dynamics of the sector, takes necessary actions before the client demands it.

It acts quickly; fast at finding and carrying out the solution.

Tactic is creative… It uses the creativity not only to be distinctive, but to find solutions in order to activate the customer and also to play a part in mind and at heart.

Tactic relies on its each commitment based on the customer and market surveys – sustainable communication strategy – on concrete information – measurable outcomes.

It is an expert regarding brand creation and having all instruments of the communication world that could be useful to activate the customer.

Exhibition stalls, market and customer research, hit and run marketing, outdoor marketing, strategic planning, CRM, internet, media, POP, TV, brochure, mobile marketing, agency meeting, kick of meetings…

Retail Market:

Consumer analysis, competition analysis, market-competition and firm comparative price analysis, company target audience surveys, company product groups assessment, company and rival firms brand awareness surveys, end customer shopping and visit habits, consumer perception research, price and mark-up relationship, sales management, SWOT analysis, image maps-strategies

Brand positioning, growth planning, setting up campaign plans.

Brand communication Plan:

Institutional communication plan. Tactic believes that communication should be 360 degree; the consumer should be surrounded by all ways while embracing the brand; the consumer should be convinced, the implemented job is a management of perception as any small detail would create a qualified brand perception in consumer’s view; long-term client-agent relationship, the happiness of succeeding together, the loyalty is created by customer satisfaction, the whole task consists of a team work, the creativity spreads everywhere…

Tactic knows that all these achievements can be obtained by the allocated budget of the customer and by the efficient planning that would ensure the optimum benefit for the brand.


Bilim Kansu Özbey

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